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Carbon Farming Summit

Exciting News from humusCO2mp GmbH! We are thrilled to announce our participation in the 1st Carbon Farming Summit in Valencia ( This event is a significant milestone in advancing sustainable agricultural practices and carbon farming initiatives globally.

We are honored to have been selected as in-person pitch speakers for two critical breakout sessions. Our first presentation will be in Breakout Session 2, titled "Focus Group 1.2: How to Measure the Economic Value of Soil Organic Matter in Support of Carbon Farming?" This session aligns perfectly with our mission to highlight the economic benefits of sustainable soil management. Additionally, we will contribute to Breakout Session 5, focusing on the "Harmonisation/Standardisation of the Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) Protocols of Carbon Farming Systems." This session is crucial for establishing a common framework to measure the impact of carbon farming practices effectively.

Our esteemed colleague, Antje Schwemberger, will be representing us as the speaker in these sessions, bringing her extensive knowledge and expertise to the forefront.

Also attending from the humusCO2mp team are Stefan Otter and Steffen Aumueller, who will be engaging with other industry experts, sharing insights, and exploring collaborative opportunities.

We're looking forward to making meaningful contributions and learning from other leaders in the field. Follow our journey at the summit and stay tuned for updates!

Thank you Project Credible for this great chance!

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