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Carbon Farming Summit

humusCO2mp GmbH is proud to be represented at the 1st Carbon Farming Summit - Funded by European Union ( Thanks to the presentations of humusCO2mp CEO Antje Schwemberger, we were able to provide insights into the humusCO2mp business model, its MRV standard and transparency claim with the Gold Standard ( in Breakout Session 2 led by Andrea Ferrarini, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy and in Session 5 led by Maria Fantappiè, CREA, Italy. A special moment was the plenary session with Christian Holzleitner from the European Commission, who not only explained the EU Certification Framework for permanent removals, carbon farming, and carbon storage in products, as provisionally agreed by European Parliament and Council, but also called for more private investment in carbon farming. The humusCO2mp team with Stefan Otter and Steffen Aumueller is grateful for the excellent organization. Grateful for the enriching exchanges with visionaries like Bernhard Aumann, the Humus Guru, Jakob Levin of Seqana and many more. Here's to taking soil health to new heights!

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